So I was trying to translate the first chapter in the second volume of this Layton manga… which is so far about this assassin that is after Layton. Luke asked Layton if anything changed/new happened and he said he bought a camera. So I think they are trying to see if the assassin was in any of his shots.

So with these pictures, Layton says how he thinks it’s the guy with the coat since he’s wearing a coat even though it’s hot. Luke responds to that saying “Well aren’t you doing the same thing?” since he too is wearing a coat. Now.. I don’t really know what Layton says here but it obviously gets Luke upset and they fight..

and jesus chirst Luke, you beat up Layton

even Don Paolo is concerned for his safety, saying something around the lines “You should be more scared of Luke since he caused more damage”

(my Japanese isn’t the best so, if I made any mistakes please feel free to correct them!)